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Wednesday, 25. May 2016

Do728 Cabin Test Facility

The Do728 cabin test facility operated by SCART is used in research projects and in cooperation with the industry and other research institutions. DLR took over this complete aircraft after the roll-out when the manufacturers of the regional-airliner Dornier Do728Jet went bankruptcy. After the complicated transport overland from Oberpfaffenhofen to Göttingen the cabin interior of the Do728 was rebuild according to the original design and handed over to the researchers on June 15 2007.

The Do728 single aisle aircraft cabin has a width of 3.25 m, a length of 14.5 m and a height of up to 2.14 m. It is equipped with 14 seat rows with two seats on one side, three seats on the other side. Either 70 human subjects or passenger dummies can be placed on the seats. Each dummy generates an adjustable heat load between 70 W to 95 W, reflecting the thermal loads of the passengers in the real cabin without humidity. If operated in the mixing ventilation mode, fresh air supplied by a air-conditioning system with a defined temperature and humidity enters the cabin through 64 air inlets, each of them having a length of 900 mm and a width of 20 mm. They are placed, 16 in a row, with a separation of 100 mm, in 2 lines along the ceiling and 2 lines below the overhead bins. After circulation in the mock-up, the air leaves the cabin through 24 air outlets with a width of 25 mm located at the cabin floor. The figure on the right gives an impression of the Do728 cabin.

Please fill out the following "Request for use of the Do728 test facility". Leave fields blank which you cannot answer. Fields with bold print must be filled out. If you have any questions, you may contact the facility coordinator Stephanie Klein (phone:  +49(0)551 709-2612).


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