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Friday, 26. February 2021

Tunnel Simulation Facility (TSG)

Model trains are accelerated by a hydro-pneumatic driven catapult to run through a tunnel or a field of crosswind on a model track at nearly constant speed. The velocity of the model vehicle is adjusted by the hydraulic pressure. The maximum speed is 360 km/h. The track has a length of about 60 m, and the rail gauge is 57.5 mm. The crosswind is generated by a closed-loop wind tunnel which blows perpendicularly to the track with a velocity of up to 90 km/h. The facility is designed for model scales between 1:20 and 1:100. The maximum weight of a model is 10 kg. The models are gently decelerated at the end of a track in a gravel bed-like section filled with small plastic pellets. The complete facility is enclosed in an impact-resistant housing for safety reasons.

There are mainly two topics of interest. Firstly, this is the generation of compression waves during tunnel entry and exit. For example, special designs of tunnel portals and train heads are tested with respect to their potential to reduce the compression waves. Such tests are also performed for the validation of analytical and numerical models in order to compute the compression waves. Secondly, the unsteady aerodynamic forces and loads, which act on a train when it suddenly encounters crosswind, are investigated. The situation of a train leaving a tunnel with high velocity and which then directly enters a bridge with strong crosswind present can be simulated. The studies are intended to improve the safety of rail traffic, particularly because future rail vehicles will show a more light-weight design to improve their energy efficiency.


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Dr.  Daniela Heine
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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